Bulk Billing Doctors

Bulk Billing Doctors

Bulk Billing Doctors  at Hale Road Medical

What is Bulk Billing?

Bulk billing is when a medical bill is paid in full by Medicare. The bill is sent to Medicare for payment as part of your Medicare benefits.

Bulk billing is carried out at the discretion of the health service provider and our doctors at Hale Road Medical are bulk billing doctors.

Is Hale Road Medical Centre a Bulk Billing Clinic?

At Hale Road Medical Centre, most of our eligible services can be bulk billed. If any of our services cannot be fully bulk billed, we will ask you to make a ‘Gap Payment’. A gap payment is a dollar amount that needs to be paid by you at the time of receipt of our services.

Most claims are put straight through to Medicare, though we may ask you on occasion to pay us directly and reclaim your benefit from Medicare yourself. If more than one service is included in a single visit, then the whole bill that covers multiple services may not be fully covered by Medicare.

To qualify for bulk billing at your GP, you will need to be enrolled in Medicare and in possession of a current Medicare card. Your signature may be required, by the healthcare professional, at the time of billing. If you do not have your card, please ensure you know your Medicare number to quote at time of payment.

Bulk billing clinic services can include:Your GP or Doctor’s AppointmentSome medical specialistsX-Rays and some scansPathology tests, eg.some blood testsEye tests

You may also be able to claim bulk billing if you have a Concession card or Health Care card. If in doubt, please make sure to ask before the services are provided.

Hale Road Medical Centre is a bulk billing medical centre and most of our services are able to be bulk billed, or attract a small gap payment, but please be sure to confirm the billing amount for the exact services you are receiving.

Please see our table of fees for various procedures with our Perth GPs here:


If in doubt, please speak to one of our friendly reception staff to confirm the details about our bulk billing doctors at Hale Road Medical Centre.