Cigarettes And Adult Asthma: A Vicious Combination


Cigarettes And Adult Asthma: A Vicious Combination

This read guides you to a detailed understanding of smoking and adult asthma’s dangerous mix.

Can Smoking Make Asthma Worse? 

Asthma is a chronic disease that affects your airways, making it hypersensitive. This means that your airways are prone to redness or swelling, like how your skin, in general, reacts when exposed to the sun or other triggering environments. When in contact with asthma triggers like Smoking, common cold, weather change or drastic environmental change, weak airways make it very difficult for asthma patients to breathe. Given the severity of the disease, it can be controlled with the help of many treatments to the extent that you can barely experience any symptoms, but it cannot be cured. Although adult asthma is an easily treatable disease, negligence of the disease can kill, and smoking is the easiest path to that end. 

Health Effects Of Smoking On Asthma

Tobacco usage is one of the most common reasons behind premature mortality. Leaving it helps you reduce its effects on your body, despite evident issues of smoking and asthma not being the best pair and that it inhibits asthma treatment. It is remarkable to see that there are many asthmatic people who continue to smoke. 

Here are the ways smoking can affect an asthmatic patient 

  • Making it hard to fulfill a well-managed asthma treatment
  • Making your asthma flare-up more severe 
  • Your symptoms can become more frequent and severe over time
  • Due to poor management, you can even face severe cases like airway remodeling, where your asthma condition becomes worse, scarring your lungs. 
  • Smoking can permanently damage your lungs and affect you with a severe disease like Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 

It is not just the actively smoking asthmatic patients at risk but also the passive smokers or second-hand smokers with asthma who are at significant risk. 

What Is Second-Hand Smoke 

One of the best adult asthma prevention tips is never to consume tobacco but avoiding tobacco also means never being around smokers. 

The reason for the above stated is that second-hand smoking stands for the smoke you get from an active smoker’s lit cigarette. It is more dangerous than the smoke being consumed by the active smoker as it consists of Tar, nicotine, Monoxide, etc. 

Both children and adults who have asthma are likely to get asthma triggers from this smoke, making their symptoms worse. Cigarette smoke affects a passive smoker more severely than an active smoker. Hence, adults or children living with a smoker always have a high tendency to have respiratory problems in the future. 

How to overcome smoking 

If concerned about your and your close one’s asthma conditions because of smoking, you can opt for various behavior therapy and medication available. Many health care facilities like Hale Road medical offer you a wide range of treatments and provide an experienced consultant that can guide you throughout. Some of the efficient steps you can take initially while overcoming smoking as a habit are: 

  • Avoid situations and environments that influence your desire to smoke. 
  • Keep an alternate option that can help you cut your cravings
  • Discuss with your doctor about the time you will be quitting
  • Prepare for withdrawal symptoms 

How to manage adult asthma 

If you are an asthmatic patient who has a history of smoking, here are some of the management you should adhere to throughout your treatment for severe asthma prevention. They are: 

  • Keeping a check on the environment or various other factors that trigger your asthma and avoiding it.
  • Remembering each medication and having them at the correct hour
  • Avoid being a passive smoker at any cost 
  • Get into exercising that does not trigger your symptoms
  • Making an efficient asthma action plan. 

Where Can I Treat My Asthma?

If you are looking for one of Perth’s best healthcare facilities for your smoking and asthma conditions. You can get the best asthma prevention treatment at Hale Road Medical. Health experts here help you overcome severe asthma conditions with the best adult asthma prevention action plans.