Covid Guidelines

Covid Guidelines

Covid Guidelines assist COVID-19 positive patients to self-manage their symptoms at home, and is the patient complement to the GP resource Home-care information for patients with COVID-19.

Most people who test positive for COVID-19 will likely only experience mild symptoms and recover without requiring special treatment or hospitalisation, especially if fully vaccinated.

Patients should use the most relevant information in this guide to suit their needs.

Patients who have a higher risk of adverse outcomes or more severe disease should speak with their GP about their positive result. You can find a list of factors that can increase risk of severe disease on the Department of Health’s website as well as further Covid guidelines.

Patients who want to talk to their GP about their results or symptoms should contact their general practice and make a telehealth appointment.

Covid-19 Full Information

We have created the following three separate Covid Info Pages according to Australian government information:

Home-care covid guidelines for patients
Managing Covid-19 at home with assistance from your general practice
Information for people who test positive for Covid-19 or as close contacts

We recommend patients to plan a daily symptom diary



Contact Hale Road Medical today to speak to our GPs about information on managing your COVID-19 symptoms at home and when to come in to see us.
We can provide the Covid Guidelines for your next steps and care information – for you and all your household.