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Dr Rupinder Singh

General Practioner
MBBS, FRACGP, Dip Dermatology (UK), Cert Skin Cancer Management(AU) Special Interests in Dermatology and Skin Cancer Detection/Treatment

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When you have a Dermatology issue, your Doctor can help understand and identify with the symptoms and sufferings that come with many skin conditions. With a special interest in Dermatology, Dr. Rupinder Singh is able to diagnose your specific skin condition and recommend the best course of treatment for your individual case.

Helping you deal with the visible signs of your ailment, your doctor’s professional assistance can help you regain confidence and self-esteem. In addition to having access to prescription medications and therapies, Dr. Singh can also advise you of diet and lifestyle changes that may help to improve or alleviate your skin condition.

Dermatology at Hale Road Medical Centre

Hale Road Medical Centre, Forrestfield, WA, is your first stop for a solution for any skin concerns. Our doctors offer advice and treatment for skin diseases, skin cancers and cosmetic procedures.

If you are suffering from any skin condition, our doctors have a special interest in Dermatology and can work with you to determine the correct plan of action to treat your condition so that your skin once again looks its best.

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Dermatology & Skin Conditions

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A skin condition can affect your quality and enjoyment of life. Put yourself in our trusted care for a dermatology diagnosis, help and relief.

As a doctor with special interest in the health of your skin, hair, and nails, Dr. Singh can help with whatever type of skin ailment you may be experiencing, and will work with you to diagnose and treat the problem as quickly as possible.


Common skin conditions we treat include:

  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema and Dry Skin
  • Hives & Itching
  • Rosacea
  • Contact Dermatitis / Allergies
  • Acne
  • Moles and Growths
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Pigmentation
  • Fungal Infections / Ringworm
  • STDs
  • Viral Infections / Warts
  • Hair Loss / Hair Disorders
  • Bites and Infestations
  • Nail Diseases

Pediatric Dermatology

When infants, young children or adolescents are involved, it is even more important to seek the advice of an experienced doctor with a special interest in dermatology.

From cradle cap to athlete’s foot, our doctors are ready to treat skin problems for clients of all ages. We understand your parental concerns and quickly respond should you have any questions about the care or treatment required.


Skin Cancer

For early detection of possible health concerns, consult our doctors for skin cancer screening, prevention and treatment.

Regular dermatological screenings can reduce the risk of developing skin cancer. Preventive measures and routine skin examinations are advised for everybody, though they are especially important if you are in a high risk group.

Procedures undertaken include:

  • Biopsies
  • Skin Lesion Removal
  • Shave Lesion Removals
  • Cryotherapy

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Cosmetic Surgery

For cosmetic industry expertise, trust Hale Road Medical Centre for professional skin and anti-ageing treatments.

If you are concerned about caring for ageing skin or minimizing sun damage, we can help with products, treatments and lifestyle advice that reduce the effect of exposure to damaging elements.

Treatments available include:

  • Wrinkle Relaxers
  • Dermal Fillers 

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