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Phone consultations now billed
to medicare

Everyone with a valid Medicare card is now eligible for phone consultations with a rebate from Medicare of $41.20.

We are a private billing practice for all consultations for patients with a current Medicare card. Surgical procedures will incur a gap fee. Skin checks incur a extra fee, please speak with reception who can advise of these fees.

Please note that since we always have a busy schedule, it’s advisable that you book an appointment.


We offer Bulk Billing services for the following conditions:

Mental Health

Sometimes referred to as mental health disorders, mental illness encompasses a wide range of conditions that influence mood, thinking, and behavior. This may include depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, addicting disorders, and compulsive disorders.


Arthritis is a disease of joints that causes tenderness and swelling in your joints. Its manifestations include pain, swelling, and decreased use of the affected joint, all of which get more disabling with age. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are common subtypes of arthritis.


Asthma is a lifelong disease of the lungs. When your airways are exposed to specific allergens or are easily inflamed, it results in narrowing of airways because of congested muscles and increased production of mucus. The main symptoms of asthma are chest tightness and difficulty breathing.

Chronic diseases

The generic definition of ‘chronic diseases’ is any condition that lasts a year or longer and necessitates constant medical attention or results in the reduction of physical and daily activities. Such diseases are cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and some heart diseases..

Care plans

These are interventions done by the nurse during management to alleviate the patient’s symptoms to achieve individual targets.

Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance given to workers who end up injured or disabled in their line of duty. Accepting the workers’ compensation benefits means the employee doesn’t have to sue their employer.

Pap Smears/Implanon/Mirena

An intrauterine device, aka IUD, such as Mirena, is used as a lasting birth control measure to manage heavy menses. Mirena IUDs reduce the chance of getting pregnant by increasing cervical mucus, which stops fertilization of an egg by sperms and thinning the uterus lining, which decreases the amount of menstrual bleeding.


Among the list of chronic diseases is diabetes, a disease associated with abnormal insulin activity in the body. The metabolism of sugars is increased by a hormone called insulin, which is produced in the pancreas. The absence of insulin or an inadequate response to the hormone leads to diabetes. This is because of accumulating glucose in the blood.

Heart disease

Heart disease refers to any disease that affects the heart. Such conditions include disorders of blood vessels such as coronary heart disease, arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythm), and congenital heart defects (defects you are born with).


Excessive body fat above what is considered normal is termed obesity. Not only is this a severe predicament to your health, but also predisposes you to a myriad of other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and more.


An external force can sometimes damage the body. Sometimes the insulting agent is an accidental trip and falls, weapons, traffic collisions, or chemicals. Extensive damage has the potential to cause longstanding morbidity or lead to a fatality.

Health Screening and Assessments

Screening is just like a checkup where an assessment is done to identify specific problems. The outcome is two-way – good or bad. The entire process seeks to pinpoint debilitating factors to come up with a diagnosis, investigations, and treatment regimens for the diagnosis.


To monitor your heart’s electrical activity, an electrocardiogram is ordered by your healthcare practitioner. This test uses electrodes on your chest and records impulses with each heartbeat. Recorded signals appear as waves on the computer monitor or printer.


Paediatrics is the branch of medicine whose specialty is the treatment of children. While the management of diseases in children is different from that of adults, similar drugs are used and metabolized differently. The primary determinant of management is growth and development in children, which is not the case in adults.


Osteoporosis, meaning “porous bone,” is a disease of bones that affects mineralization, the formation of new bones, breakdown, and repair of old segments, or both. As a result, bones lose their structural integrity and are prone to fractures from minor bumps. under a microscope, a healthy bone appears like a honeycomb.

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