“Hale Road Medical is committed to providing the highest quality of patient care for patients with heart diseases in Australia. Receive quality treatment for heart diseases.”

Heart disease is a general term used that refers to any Cardiovascular disease. This condition takes place when the blood supply in the heart plummets. Cardiovascular diseases, including heart diseases, are the primary cause of death among Australians as per Wikipedia sources. Heart diseases have impacted the health of Australians enormously The impact is generally calibrated in terms of prevalence, Morality, Morbidity, Disease Burden, and expenditure. In 2009, Heart problems more likely took place in the Male population(21935) than the female population(24171).In the year 2010, Australians experienced 16% of the total projected disease burden due to CVD.

General Practitioners at Hale Road Medical can help you cope with heart diseases by creating comprehensive and confidential treatment plans. Our team of professionals leaves no stone unturned in restoring the health of your heart and improving the quality of life.

Types of Heart Diseases

There are several types of heart disease, and it affects the heart in different ways. Let us have a look at the different types of heart disease worldwide population is struggling with :

Coronary Artery Disease

Individuals struggle with the most common type of heart disease known as Coronary Artery Disease. It takes place when the arteries present in the blood become clogged with plaque. Cholesterol and other elements are the main components present in the plaque.
The moment the blood supply in the heart decreases and the heart becomes nutrient and oxygen-deficient. Muscle weakness starts taking place that puts you at the risk of heart failure and Arrhythmias.

Congenital Heart Defects

Several individuals are facing heart problems since childhood often termed Congenital Heart Defects. Almost 1 out of 100 Australian babies are affected by Congenital heart defects.

Congenital Heart Defects are generally categorized as follows:

  • Abnormal Heart Values: Abnormal heart valves is an outcome of Improper opening or leaky valves.
  • Septal Defects: Septal defects occur when there is a hole in the walls of upper or lower chambers.
  • Atresia: Absence of heart valves results in Atresia.
  • Arrhythmia: Arrhythmia is a condition of irregular heartbeat. Our body consists of electrical impulses that work synchronously with the heartbeat. Arrhythmia takes place in the absence of coordination. The heartbeats are either too fast or too slow. Irregular heartbeat can be of concern and may impair heart function when left untreated.

There is a safe and effective way out. Our goal at Hale Road Medical is to provide the highest quality care to children with Congenital Heart Defects. Our team of professionals assesses CHD patients using the latest tools and technologies. We have been rendering the best treatment for heart diseases for years.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy

If you had a heart attack, Arrhythmia, or toxins in the past, you might come across Dilated Cardiomyopathy. A condition in which heart vessels become dilated and thinner. Age groups between 20 to 60 years experience Dilated Cardiomyopathy at some point in their lives. The human heart becomes weak and is not able to pump the blood properly.

Heart Failure

During a heart failure event, the heart does not function well. Coronary heart disease is an outcome of high blood pressure and unhealthy diet. Almost 300,000 Australians have Chronic Heart Failure, and 30,000 cases are diagnosed every year. Heart Doctors at Hale Road Medical will monitor your condition and teach you the ways to manage heart failure.


Symptoms of heart disease depend on the underlying cause. You won’t notice any heart symptoms in some heart conditions.

Signs and Symptoms of a heart attack include:

  • Chest Pain
  • Breathlessness
  • Nausea
  • Stomach Pain 
  • Restlessness
  • Arm, Jaw, Back, and Leg Pain.

You may experience Cardiac Arrest during a heart attack. During Cardiac Arrest, a ceasing heartbeat might terminate the functioning of the body. Doctors at Hale Road Medical are lifesavers as they offer immediate medical assistance and Cardiopulmonary Resurrection to Cardiac Arrest Patients.

Risk Factors of Heart Diseases

Several risk factors accompany heart diseases. Some of them are controllable while others are uncontrollable. Let us go through some of them:

  • Smokers: Smokers are more likely to be at risk of heart attack compared to non-smokers. Not many of us know there is an increased risk of heart problems among non-smokers.
  • High-Cholesterol Levels: Heart problems increase with the increase in Cholesterol levels. If the cholesterol levels go beyond 240 mg/DL and above is considered high. Monitor the cholesterol levels regularly to prevent heart diseases in future.
  • Stress: Stress in itself is a problem. It surges your blood pressure and leads to health problems such as heart attacks and strokes.
  • Unhealthy Weight: Your heart experiences a lot of strain, especially when you are overweight. Those who are overweight may fall into the trap of other health diseases such as High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Type2 Diabetes. According to studies, Obesity itself is the main cause of heart disease.

The above-mentioned risk factors might make your heart problems worse. Get the risk factors diagnosed and avail the best treatment for heart disease from GP at Hale Road Medical.

How Do We Help?

  • Hale Road Medical is a general practice clinic that offers cardiovascular and heart disease treatment in Australia.
  • We perform several tests to assess your cardiac health and recommend suitable treatment options.
  • Our multi-specialty team of Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons, and other doctors work collaboratively and develop a suitable heart disease treatment for your health.
  • Having all these services in a single place means your care is discussed among the doctors. Appointments are scheduled in coordination.

Before the appointment

  1. Write the questions and ask during the appointment.
  2. Discuss symptoms unrelated to heart disease that you are experiencing.
  3. Make a list of medications, including Vitamins and Supplements.
  4. Take someone along with you.
  5. Be ready to discuss your diet, along with smoking and exercising habits.
  6. Follow the diet restrictions before the test.

It is never too late for wise lifestyle modifications, quit smoking, and have a healthy diet. A healthy lifestyle offers maximum protection against heart diseases and complications that come along with it. Associate with GPs at Hale Road Medical to obtain the best treatment for heart disease.