Medical Assessment Under Workers Compensation Insurance

Have you got injured during a workplace incident? Do you want to use your workers’ compensation insurance? Get all the medical benefits of your state-mandated workers compensation insurance policy with Hale Road Medical. Get in touch for injuries incurred at work.

Employers leave no stone unturned in providing the proper care to ensure that the workplace is safe. Despite the efforts, injuries and accidents and medical expenses incurred can be hard to deal with. Fortunately, the state-mandated workers’ compensation insurance in Australia covers all employee injuries and prevents you from re-budgeting your monthly plan due to a workplace incident. Even then, only 53% of employees receive any financial assistance from workers’ compensation.

No need to pay your medical bills by yourself. If you are insured under the workers’ compensation Perth, receive healthcare benefits from Hale Road Medical under the employee insurance policy. Let our professionals conduct a thorough medical assessment and use your employee insurance benefits.

Workers Compensation offers dual benefits:.

  • Injured workers receive proper medical care and the amount that they have lost while taking the treatment. Besides this, it protects employers from unnecessary lawsuits.
  • Reduce the financial impact due to work-related injury on your home and business.

Significance of Workers Compensation Insurance

Having workers compensation insurance is crucial for a reason. It gives peace of mind to both employers and employees. Insuring them with workers compensation, Perth means that the employees don’t have to shoulder a financial burden following a successful claim. On the other hand, the employees will continue receiving the benefits they are entitled to.

What does Workers Compensation Perth Covers?

If an employee gets injured or meets an accident while working, bring them to us. Our professionals provide them with a comprehensive medical plan and help them cover those expenses under workers compensation insurance. The workers’ compensation Perth will cover the following things:
  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Existing care costs
  • Funeral charges
Note: You cannot avail of the perks if the injury or accidents take place outside work.

Medical Expenses

The employer will provide medical expenses to the employees if any accidents or work-related injury takes place. Along with it, emergency visits, necessary surgeries and prescriptions will be covered under the insurance. No benefits will be given if you were intoxicated. You will not get any claim if an accident took place with your fault or you hurt yourself intentionally.

Missed Wages

If you need some time to recover from illness or injury, you can get a portion of your income back with this insurance. For instance, a hot pot of boiling water falls on the chef’s hands and needs to rest for a couple of weeks, then get workers compensation insurance to obtain the missed wages back.

Ongoing Care

At times the injuries get so severe that it requires more than one treatment. For example, if an employee has hurt his back while picking heavy boxes, workers compensation insurance will cover the care cost and the therapies.

Funeral Costs

If the employee accidentally dies while working, all the funeral costs and provides death benefits to the employees’ family members.


At times employees expose themselves to harmful chemicals or allergens, resulting in illnesses. All the costs and necessary care will be covered under worker’s compensation insurance.

Who All Can Avail Worker’s Compensation Insurance

The schemes and regulations of workers compensation insurance are different in different states. However, workers compensation in Perth is given to those receiving wage or commission from your business, including casual, temporary and contractual employees.

Is it Mandatory to Have Workers Compensation Insurance?

It is mandatory to have workers compensation insurance in Australia. It will offer complete protection to the workers if they face any work-related injury or disease. As an employer, workers compensation will save you from common law injury claims arising out of and within the course of the employment. Therefore, every employer must ensure that the employee is insured with workers compensation insurance.

What’s All Covered in Our Workers Compensation Insurance

We provide workers compensation insurance in Perth, and the following things are covered in it:
  • This policy covers both short term and long-term costs of the employee who has undergone any illness or injury. All the hospital bills, medical expenses, physical therapy from Hale Road Medical, and the lost wages will be compensated.
  • If an employee sues you for demanding workers compensation insurance, all the legal expenses would be covered.
  • Injuries: Injuries occurring at the workplace are subdivided into three categories: overexertion, contact with the objects or machinery, falls and slips.

What Will Not Be Covered Under Worker Compensation Insurance

  • If an injury has taken place while commuting to and from work, no compensation will be given for that.
  • If you are into a travelling job and got injured in your vehicle, you are not eligible for any reimbursement.
  • The workplace tries to make everything, including recreational activities, safe for the employees. Injury taking place during happy hours or recreational activity won’t be covered in the insurance.
  • Any injury due to intoxication or substance abuse won’t be covered.

Why Hale Road Medical?

  • Easy: Obtaining workers compensation in Perth has now become easier than ever. All you have to do is get the bills from us and file for a claim.
  • Comprehensive: We provide treatment for a wide range of medical issues and chronic diseases. You can cover all your costs for high-quality medical treatment under insurance.
  • Supportive: We provide expert support to help you claim your medical expenses. Our healthcare professionals are ready to cater to all your needs anytime.

Still Not Convinced?

  • 25% of Australian back pain sufferers between 18 to 44 age group take ten days or more off every year. They spend almost 4.8 billion on health care every year.
  • Mental health conditions have resulted in the highest median compensation paid, $30,800 and the highest median time off work that is 17.3 weeks, in 2017.

We spend most of our time at the workplace. Keep everyone at the workplace safe by bringing them to us for the medical assessment. Leave all your medical needs on Hale Road Medical and cover your work-related medical expenses under workers compensation from Perth easily. We believe you deserve to obtain a no-cost treatment if you get injured while serving.